Sports Direct about us

Sports Direct, a major sportsretailer in the industry, known and loved by many. But where did it all begin?

Where it all began

In 1982, Mike Ashley, the founder, decided to open his first shop, selling sporting and skiing goods. This was in Maidenhead, UK. Years later, in the 90s, a further 100 stores had been opened to the public across the UK, witha huge rebrand - Sports Soccer.

Sports Direct became the new branding by 2008, firmly settling on the high street as a big retailer selling all things sport. Over 10 years later, in 2019, another rebrand took place, Frasers Group plc, which introduced the company’s threemain pillars: sport, premium and luxury.

Over the years, Frasers Group has grown into a huge company, working with dynamic brands and elevating the customer experience. Sports Direct, House of Frasers, Flannels, USC and many more big brands have become part of Frasers Group, growing with the company and becoming something worth knowing about.

Now led by Chief Executive, Michael Murray, the company continues to evolve,creating unforgettable experiences and striving to build a brand ecosystem that is recognised and applauded around the world.

Sports Direct about us
Sports Direct about us

Sports Direct as you know it

Sports Direct is still one of the biggest sporting retailers today, providing customers with everything they could want for countless different sports.

Football? Rugby? Yoga? Swimming? Darts? Sports you love and sports you may not have even heard of, Sports Direct offers an extensive range of clothing, footwear, accessories and equipment, in store and online.

Working with and offering reliable brands to provide great quality, such as Slazenger ,Nike and adidas, Sports Direct has some of the best and latest products. Newfootball boot launches, collaborations - the company has grown into a business to go to for anything and all things sport-related.

Elevated experiences

With hundreds of stores across the UK, Europe and Malaysia, as well as more than 20,000 colleagues, Sports Direct has come a long way from one shop in Maidenhead.

Following the rebranding of the company in 2019, stores underwent immense change. To truly upgrade the customer experience, many stores were visually improved, adding new technologies and stunning interiors.

Flagship stores were opened, including stores in Birmingham, Manchester and London, creating large and up-to-date spaces for selling all things sport. Some stores have interactive experiences for customers as well, like the golf putting challenge and gait analysis, for budding runners.

Sports Direct’s mission is simple

The mission of the company is simple: “use the powers of sport to champion the legend in everyone”. Help everyone to feel like a champion in their chosen sport - no matter the sport, no matter the ability, no matter the style, Sports Direct aims to help everyone achieve greatness in their sporting lifestyle.

Although Sports Direct has a plethora of sports goods, there are four main focuses: football, running, training and outdoor.

Whether you want to run a marathon or run round your block. Kick a ball around with your mates or join a local football team. Train to the best of your ability with Sports Direct - the place to go for all things sports.

Sports Direct about us

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