Hyrox FAQs

HYROX FAQs and information

What is HYROX?

HYROX is a sporting event that can test your limits while being extremely fun and rewarding. A participant will complete a 1km run and then do some form of workout and then this will be repeated eight times, so in all, eight kilometres will be run and eight different workouts will be completed.

Training for the event is essential, as you’ll want to build up your strength and stamina for the race. Although there is no time limit, a participant may want to aim for a specific time and then try and beat it the next time they compete. Overall though, HYROX can be a fun and exciting experience for those who love fitness.

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Can I take part in HYROX?

HYROX is a great opportunity for those who enjoy fitness at any level. Whether you hit the gym a couple of times a week or if you consider it your ‘second home’, HYROX can be a fulfilling experience for anyone with a fitness background, 16 years old and over.

There are several ways you can complete a HYROX race, so it’s worth researching the different divisions available to decide which suits you.

Open: Go it alone with the HYROX Open race. A great challenge, the Open is good for those who want to try by themselves for a challenge.

Doubles: Great for a pair, you can complete the run together but then share out the workload of the activities.

Relay: Perfect for those who would prefer to work together in a group, relay allows you to compete in a group of four, where each one of you does two sets of 1km run and workout exercise.

Pro: If you’re really into your fitness, or perhaps you’ve even done a HYROX race before, the Pro race could provide a bigger challenge for you, with more weight added to the weighted exercises.

What should I wear for HYROX?

HYROX is a workout, albeit probably a little more intense than your regular gym workout, so you’ll want to don a similar kit you’d wear when going to the gym. Lightweight clothing is a must, with sweat-wicking fabrics to ensure comfort is key.

Sports Direct has an extensive range of PUMA x HYROX gear, the perfect choice if you’re searching for some practical and modern fitness wear. Sports bras, hoodies, light t-shirts, shorts and leggings are all great options for a HYROX race, as well as other fitness activities, so the PUMA x HYROX collection can provide this and more, with stylish HYROX branding to finish off your look.

Of course, any sports clothing you feel comfortable in should be appropriate, just ensure that you have easy mobility and breathable fabrics as HYROX is bound to help you get your sweat on!

As well as clothes, your footwear choice for a HYROX race should be carefully considered. A comfortable, well-fitted pair of trainers will be vital, to allow you to perform the exercises to the best of your ability.

If you’re searching for a pair of comfortable and versatile trainers, why not try the PUMA Velocity 3 Nitro trainers? These could be a great option for you if you’re looking for lightweight trainers that would be ideal for a HYROX competition. With plenty of useful features, as well as looking stylish too, you can enjoy the benefits of a great pair of trainers like these.

Where can you take part in a HYROX race?

If you’re keen to participate in HYROX for yourself, plenty of cities all over the world host HYROX events, meaning that fitness fans everywhere can take on the challenge and enjoy the benefits of a HYROX workout.

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How does HYROX work and what type of activities to expect?

As mentioned, HYROX includes a 1km run and then an exercise, with these steps being repeated eight times. There are eight different workouts to complete during HYROX, so you may find you enjoy doing one more than the other, but it’s all part of the experience.

The exercises include: SkiERG, Sled Push, Sled Pull, Burpee Broad Jumps, Rowing, Farmer’s Carry, Sandbag Lunges and Wall Bags.

Remember to have fun whether completing by yourself or with someone else!

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How should I prepare for a HYROX race?

Preparing for the HYROX competition you’re attending is a must - even if you go to the gym often. The training depends on the individual and their personal fitness; you should aim to do a mix of different training, including endurance, strength and speed. Consider training well in advance - again, depending on your own personal fitness level, you may want to start a couple of months, around 12 weeks, prior to your HYROX race, to prepare yourself. All of this training can help to ready you for the different types of workouts you’ll be completing during a HYROX race. You may choose to incorporate more running into your fitness regime, with different routes and speeds, since quite a bit of a HYROX race is running! You’ll also want to build on your strength and cardio - some of the exercises involve lifting heavy weights, so you’ll want to practise this before the event. Some may find it beneficial to go over the exercises that’ll actually be a part of the race too, to become familiar with some of the movements completed as part of the competition. Whether at home or your local gym, you can incorporate the exercises into your routine, to get a feel for each one.

Tip: Whilst it’s essential to train before HYROX, don’t overdo it! Like with any exercise, you still need to rest and ensure you’re hydrated and eating well - constant practise can make you feel overworked and you could become burnt out before the competition has begun.

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HYROX is the ultimate workout challenge, featuring a 1km run and functional workout station that combine to create a circuit repeated 8 times. Open to everyday athletes as well as pros, HYROX is the perfect way for everyday fitness addicts to take their training to the next level! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates of what we’re doing at our flagship London Oxford St store ahead of the race.