A Cleaner Shade of Green

Following your Sports Direct purchase of clothing or footwear, changing your laundry habits to create a more sustainable washing routine is one easiest yet most effective ways to help the world become a cleaner shade of green. You really can make a positive impact on your environmental footprint by reducing your personal energy and water use – so making your laundry schedule greener is one area of life you really can make a big difference.

How Can I Make my Laundry Routine More Eco-Friendly?




In just one year, over 300,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill. It’s up to all of us to find ways of ways to reducing this!

Eco Friendly Brands at Sports Direct


- ASICS have sustainability ambitions that they wish to complete and be a part of the brand by 2030. This includes reducing unsustainable materials, and introducing newer, sustainable materials into their collections, such as recycled polyester and spidersilk


– ‘waste transformation’ - Converse are transforming waste and making trainers, from 40% recycled materials or scraps of material. For example they have upcycled jeans into shoes, used plastic bottles to create canvas for the trainers, used the scrap canvas material from their factories being used to create new shoes and repurposed waste cotton.


- G-Star have presented their ‘Raw responsibility journey’. This includes making sure their staff, along with manufacture employees are being treated ethically and looking after the planet, by using more sustainable materials and manufacturing more sustainably.

Jack Wolfskin

– Jack Wolfskin are making a change to become more environmentally responsible. They are protecting animal welfare and they do not use real fur or wool. They are also producing more sustainable products, using materials such as, recycled polyester and organic cotton


- In a new sustainable range, every part of their shoe has been considered and made to be more sustainable. Shoeboxes are recyclable, all the laces, leather materials, mesh linings and rubber soles have been made to be more responsible, helping Kickers to reduce their impact on the environment


– Nike have started a ‘Move to zero’ journey, where they are aiming to help protect the environment by producing zero carbon emissions and zero waste. They are also using sustainable materials to create their products, using recycled nylon, polyester and sustainable cotton.


– They have a ‘Play minded program’, where they have objectives set to make sure they are responsible. These objectives, are to make sure employees and staff along their sourcing process are treated fairly and ethically, to make sure they help protect the environment, by using sustainable materials and reduce their emissions. For example one of their main objectives is to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2025


– To become more sustainable, Speedo have launched eco-friendly products, produced using sustainable materials. For example instead of packaging goggles in a cardboard box, they now package them in a plastic, reusable case, which can also be recycled. Additionally they are making sure that their employees and the manufacturers/factory employees are being treated ethically


- Use recycled materials to create their products, such as parley, which is plastic from the ocean that has been washed up onto shore and upcycled to create material


- Champion’s aim is to become more eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical. They have created a responsible range, called ‘Eco Soul Collection’, using sustainable materials to create their products


- Diadora have sourced the materials they use in certain ranges to be more sustainable, using materials like organic cotton. They have improved their packaging to be recyclable and use natural colouring and dye on their boxed packaging


– JACK & JONES have a new range of sustainable denimwear, trying to have a low impact on the environment. The range has been ethically sourced, made out of recycled materials, the denim treatment is eco-friendly


– Karrimor are creating sustainable ranges using materials such as, their Karrimor Eco range and the Karrimor X OM sustainable bamboo collection. Including this they are using organic cotton to further improve the sustainability of their products

New Balance

– Not only are they sourcing more sustainable materials, such as preferred leather and recycled polyester, but they are planning to source renewable energy and stop the use of and disposal of hazardous chemicals all by 2025. Their sustainable products have a green leaf icon on them, on the Sports Direct website.


– PUMA have created a ‘10FOR25’ strategy, where they are creating more sustainable collections, protecting human rights, making sure that their manufacturers follow ethical procedures. Additionally they aim to have 75% of products made from recycled polyester.


– Skechers’ main focus on improving their global impact, is human rights, to protect their employees, factories and suppliers. Including this they are also making their offices and distribution centres more sustainable, by using renewable energy and reducing waste, they have also made it a priority to reduce plastic packaging. Their packaging is now all recyclable and they have reduced the use of plastic packaging to below 7%