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Take a look through our specialist running pages featuring running gear for all skill levels, from beginners to pros. We have running shoes for all arch types with a range of shoe technologies to suit every runner, along with a range of clothing for men, ladies and kids. We also have a collection of running accessories including all the essentials that every runner needs from water bottles to running belts.
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  • DriFit
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  • Mens Clothing


    Discover our extensive range of men's running clothing, With top brands, you will be well and truly kitted out for whatever running challenges lay ahead.

  • Ladies Clothing


    Save up to a massive 90% off our ladies running clothes and ensure you pick up some great products that will help provide you with a comfortable run.

  • Hi Vis


    From Beginners to Advanced runners, check out our Running Clinic for all the information you neeed.

  • ladies footwear


    Be ahead of the game and enhance your performance by ensuring you have the best ladies running footwear with our extensive range that boast beneficial technologies.

  • mens running shoes


    Our fantastic range of men's running footwear offers a massive selection of technically advanced products specifically designed for running.

  • Nike+

    • Nike+ is an innovative tracking technology that records users runs and tracks their progress. Our collection of Nike+ shoes and accessories allow runners to challenge their own personal bests and post the results online to share with others.

  • D3O

    • Karrimor D3O running shoes feature a flexible material that absorbs the shock from impact, allowing your feet to travel through the gait cycle smoothly. Make sure you have the best running gear for all your runs.

  • Dri-Fit

    • Running works up a real sweat but it's important to stay cool and comfortable. Nike Dri Fit is more then just a moisture wicking fabric, it also actively moves moisture away to a fabric layer where it can then evaporate.